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Rosemont expands its offering with portfolio acquisition from Lucis Pharma Ltd

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals - Rosemont expands its offering with portfolio acquisition from Lucis Pharma Ltd - Microscope in laboratory

The acquisition brings accelerated growth opportunities through a broadened portfolio with access to new attractive product areas, as well as further pipeline products.

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals (Rosemont) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Lucis Pharma Ltd, a specialist pharmaceutical business in the UK.  Through this acquisition Rosemont will expand its existing portfolio and have access to a pipeline of innovative products, providing lifesaving pharmaceuticals to the UK and overseas markets.

Founded in 2012, Lucis has grown to become a leading provider in the development and licensing of novel and exclusive medicines. With over a dozen products covering a variety of therapeutic areas, Lucis has established a strong portfolio that, in addition to a pipeline of innovative developments, serve the growing patient need for liquid medicines.

The acquisition will enable Rosemont to broaden its portfolio and enter the unit dose / sachet market through the pipeline products, whilst growing the business through recent Lucis product launches in 2021/22.

“As well as continuing to broaden our portfolio and add to our strong growth globally, this acquisition also gives access to pipeline products and developer relationships to accelerate our entry into new product areas such as sachets” says Howard Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Rosemont. “We will continue creating innovative solutions that meet the needs of dysphagic patients and establish best practice for their care”.

Rosemont brings over 50 years of experience in novel, prescription, oral liquid medicine and has one of the broadest product portfolios in the world, with over 130 oral liquid medicines addressing a variety of therapeutic areas such as cardiac health, endocrinology, and pain management for those patients with swallowing difficulties.