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Partnership and Distribution Opportunities in the United States of America

Partnering with Rosemont in the United States of America gives you access to our unique expertise in the commercialisation of oral liquid medicines from various therapeutic areas. When it comes to patients who face difficulties with swallowing, our specially designed oral liquid medicines offer a convenient and easy-to-administer alternative.

We service all major wholesalers, GPOs, retailers, speciality pharmacies and distributors to allow access to our products in different trade channels. While our oral liquid medicines are manufactured in the UK, we also have a US-based office, making it easy to get in touch with our dedicated team. Our UK manufacturing site is regulated by the FDA, so you can rest assured that our oral liquid medicines will adhere to US laws surrounding food and drugs.

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals unveils plans to expand in the USA.

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Get in touch with our US Vice President, John Denman to arrange a call or book a meeting.

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