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Children’s Medicines

Resources and information for children’s parents and caregivers.

Rosemont are here to support parents and caregivers in understanding more about swallowing difficulties in children and when an oral liquid medicine may be a more suitable option.

Paediatric dysphagia or paediatric feeding disorder encompasses a wide range of eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. The condition is more prevalent in children with neurodevelopmental issues, however studies have suggested that up to 50% of typically developing children may have feeding issues [1].

Oral liquid medicines may be a more suitable alternative for children with swallowing difficulties, as well as younger children and infants who may be unable to swallow tablets and capsules.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of oral liquid medicine for children?

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Rosemont Pharmaceuticals - The Benefits of Liquid Medicines for Paediatric Patients - Father Giving Sick Son Ill In Bed Medicine From Bottle

Oral Liquid Medicines for Children

Most medicines are intended for adults and therefore, are normally prescribed in either tablets or capsules[2]. However, children may be unable to take tablets and capsules, may not like them or find it difficult to swallow them.

There is also a concern about what age children can safely swallow tablets or capsules, so oral liquid medicines are the most appropriate form for younger children who are unable to swallow solid dose forms. [3]

Our oral liquid medicines have been specifically designed to be palatable, as palatability is key for acceptability in children’s medicines.[4]

When administering medicines to children, always consult the product packaging and leaflet first and if you are in any doubt, contact a pharmacist or doctor for more information.

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More information on the best way to administer oral liquid medicines to children can be found on the Medicines for Children website