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Partnership and Distribution Opportunities in Asia

Partnering with Rosemont grants you exclusive access to our unparalleled expertise in oral liquid medicines, alongside a continuously growing portfolio of innovative medical solutions.

Our established commercial platform is dedicated to introducing cutting-edge oral liquid medicines across a diverse range of therapeutic areas. At the heart of our success lies a specialised team of experts who are relentless in innovating and developing new oral liquid medicines to cater to patients in Asia and around the world facing swallowing difficulties.

We take proactive steps in actively engaging in local pharmaceutical tenders, which serve as vital gateways to making our advanced oral liquid medicines readily available in the Asian region.

We’re on the lookout for new distribution partners to supply our innovative oral liquid medicines in Asia. We’re most interested in new distribution opportunities in South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia.

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals are pleased to announce a strategic partnership deal with Jacobson Pharma Corporation (Hong Kong).

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